I am an engineering student with a heart for ingenious system design. My main emphasis is in the field of control- and systems theory as well as (embedded) information systems and software design. Besides technology, I am interested in economics and business administration with a focus on business development and management. For more information about me and current projects, please download my resume.

My Skills
web development

Framework based websites and -services. Big Data analysis, API and backend solutions. Databases like MySQL, reddis and similar.

general engineering

From engineering design and electrical engineering over system- and control theory to micro controllers, electronics and thermodynamics.

strategic thinking

Strong interest in business development and project management. I think and work in a strategic and analytical way.

software design

Everything from C/C++ and VHDL as well as basic Assembler to IEC 61131 or Python and PHP as well as design and system architecture.

control systems

Comfortable with ARM based processors for digital controls as well as control theory in general and controllers based on operational amplifiers.

information technology

Experiences with every part of the ISO OSI model (espacially the physical layer) and actual bus systems like Profibus DP, CAN, PCI, I2C etc.

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